If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, great! If not, then what are you waiting for? There are so many opportunities to experience the wild like never before. Cape Town has a wealth of natural wildlife as well as many reserves and conservation sites. You can find them almost anywhere and they all work very closely with nature in an attempt to maintain this beautiful region. Both the flora and fauna are exclusive to the Western Cape and you can go from city living to the wild in no time at all. In fact, just 3 hours drive from the city of Cape Town there are a number of lodges that are home to the big 5 of Africa.

Inverdoorn is just one of these amazing places but is arguably the most important. It is near Cape Town but also far enough away to really put you back in touch with nature. It sits just inside the fertile crescent of the plateau where the Karoo begins and the vast foothills of the interior begin.

Inverdoorn has fantastic facilities and 5-star accommodation that will allow you enjoy all the ruggedness of nature while never being taken out of the life of luxury. Known the world over for their conservation efforts, Inverdoorn places a high emphasis on the wellbeing of the animals who call it home. Safaris take place in the late afternoon and early in the morning.

A cheetah rehabilitation centre has been founded in the hopes of rearing and treating injured cheetahs so that they may one day make their way back into the wild. These cheetahs have had to undergo extensive treatment, in some cases just to survive. You can even interact with the cheetahs who now live at the lodge if they feel up to it on the day.

Inverdoorn is also home to a luxury tented camp that puts you right in the middle of the African safari experience. Three magnificently set up bedouin tents that are tastefully decorated individually and a pool make this an unmissable aspect of any safari trip. This will no doubt be one of the best safaris you have ever been on. Book now.