Shark Cage diving in Gansbaai

Swim with the most mysterious fish in the world! The Great white!

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience. The type that gets your blood pumping. If you visiting Cape Town and this activity is on your adrenalin pumping bucketlist.

Situated 2 hours from Cape Town is the exhilarating Great white shark diving

Get up close and personal with the great white. Dip yourself in the great white shark infested waters. The WSDC, specialises in underwater adventures, which showcases the kings and queens of the underwater world.shark diving

Let them assist you in safely diving into the waters filled with various sea creatures, safely within a strong steel cage.

Divers can arrange transfers to and from Cape Town, or opt for a self-drive option. The day starts early morning, which is the ideal time for sightings. A time where all adventure seeking, nature lovers can come face to face with one of nature’s most powerful sea life predators.

Why is Gansbaai the perfect destination for shark viewing?

There are about 50-60 thousand seals living around there. This serves as a meal source for sharks. According, to the WSD, nowhere in the world is there such a compatible food source available.

The diving takes place at the Dyer Island, which takes 15 minutes to get there from the main island. This is the diving site where WSDC drops its anchor and lowers the floating cage, mainly designed for eight people, into the waters below, then preparing for the majestic apex predators to approach.

Did you know? Shark cage diving takes place throughout the year, shark sightings cannot always be guaranteed. However, customers can dive during South Africa’s winter months, which is from June to August. These times the water are slightly warmer and there is an influx of baby seals, which makes for the perfect shark viewing conditions.